Why Supporting Small Fashion Labels is Good for the Environment and Community

For some time I’ve understood that there’s a link between our shopping habits and local communities. This fact became especially clear to me when I visited local textile artisans and NGOs on a recent trip to India. Now that I’m working more closely in the fashion space, I can see the benefits of supporting small enterprises firsthand. I’m not saying you should turn away from the High Street labels altogether, I just want to raise awareness about shopping consciously in ways you may not have previously considered.

Here’s what I’ve noticed when people support small fashion labels.

It encourages creativity

Mainstream fashion trends are controlled by a few magazines and large multinational companies. Keeping an independent fashion label alive means that small-scale designers (like me) can operate outside of the current trends, therefore providing the consumer with more choice.

Real people with passion

Small fashion labels by their very nature reflect the personality of the artist or the designer. So, for me it isn’t just about the tees, it’s also about the art and sustainability. I want to give meaning to what you wear, by ensuring how it was made supports your values. Why consciously choose to buy from an independent fashion label? For me personally, it’s such a rewarding feeling when you get to know the artist and understand their inspiration behind the clothing design.

The environmental impact

Like many other small fashion labels in Australia our production process is as streamlined and efficient as we can make it. Our tees are made from Australian cotton, produced by Aussie farmers. But that’s not all – our tees are also WRAP certified, and we use HEROPACKS zero waste mailers to ship all of our products. You can read more about our ethics here.

Your opinions matter

In reality it takes a groundswell of public opinion before a High Street label will address a significant issue. We’ve seen this lately with sustainability. With a small fashion label, however, you do have a voice – and your opinion matters. Tell us you don’t like the way we do something, and we’ll listen. It’s all about connection, communication and respect. When you walk down the street in a By Bel tee, we want you to look good, feel good and have your values represented.

Give back while looking good

We believe in easy-to-wear clothes. We believe in community. We believe in sustainable fabrics. Do these also tick your boxes? At By Bel we’re building a community that you can be proud to be a part of. Using Australian cotton, I create artwork from human and abstract shapes to print on black and white unisex tees.

Until next time.

Annabel x