The Most Iconic T-Shirts in the World

When it comes to fashion, we love to feel comfortable and look stylish - two elements that the perfect tee and jeans combo can offer. It’s little wonder then that these are the most popular items of clothing. Add a pair of sneakers to the look and you’ve nailed the trifecta of fashion. 

They all may occupy space in our wardrobes but it’s the humble t-shirt that has occupied a place in our hearts. Why? Because they’re an extension of our personalities, and can express our personal opinions, how we’re feeling, or even make a political statement - all without us needing to open our mouths. 

Iconic t-shirt designs that made history

We’ve already brought you the most expensive t-shirts in the world, so we’re coming at you with a little bit of a different angle this time around. We’re listing the 7 most iconic t-shirt designs on earth. You may already own one or a few in your wardrobe, or you might even want to use this as your shopping list for inspiration. 


I Love NY T-Shirt

First designed to promote tourism to the Big Apple, the simple design by Milton Glaser soon became world-famous.


Vote for Pedro T-ShirtLove it or hate it, the cult movie Napoleon Dynamite broke the fourth wall to give us this delight.


Superman T-ShirtIts bright blue design was instantly recognisable in any crowd. And who didn’t dream of being a secret superhero and having to hide their identity from unsuspecting humans? It was even more fun wearing a flannel t-shirt over the Superman tee, with the ‘S’ just peeking out a bit from the unbuttoned top?


Rolling Stones T-ShirtA little bit naughty but nothing that you wouldn't expect from the rock ‘n’ roll gods themselves. This iconic ‘lick’ graphic was designed by John Pasche in the 1970s and became an instant hit (just like all of their songs.)


Ramones T-Shirt

Reportedly the first true punk rock group, what The Ramones lacked in commercial success initially they certainly made up for in these stylish tees.


Batman T-Shirt

This list wouldn’t be complete without another superhero, right? Plus we don’t really think we need to explain why this has achieved a cult following. Playboy millionaire. Lots of fun gadgets. A cool car. Need we say more?


Choose Life T-Shirt

If there ever was a stronger social message than this iconic t-shirt, please let us know. ‘Choose Life’ was designed by Katherine Hamnett to fight drug abuse and suicide in the ‘80s. It was worn by George Michael of Wham! fame,  and it’s still as relevant as ever.

Iconic black and white unisex tees

While our designs haven’t reached cult status (yet), they do appeal to the quirky and the strange. Lose your identity in our “Drag Star” tee or wear your emotions on your sleeve with our “Heart Breaker” t-shirt. There’s a design that appeals to just about anyone here at By Bel.

Not only are you helping support a local artist and the community around you, but you’re helping the environment. Our t-shirts are made from 100% Australian cotton and are ethically produced.

Come and express your individuality with our version of iconic printed tees for boys and girls.

Annabel x