Spotted in Lockdown: Celebrities in T-Shirts

We’re so used to seeing our favourite celebs in tuxedos and floor-sweeping gowns that when the paparazzi snaps them in casualwear, we often forget that they’re, well, just like us. 

While we wouldn’t say no to getting pampered and dressed up in designer labels for a date with the red carpet, we almost always prefer the insouciance of a staple t-shirt. Our go-to when we need to do some grocery shopping but don’t feel like putting together a full look, the jeans and a tee combo wins every single time. And it seems like our fave celebs would agree.

T-shirts worn by celebrities

Love them or hate them, these celebs ooze style when they’re rocking their favourite tees. From singers to reality television stars to Victoria’s Secret models, here’s what celebrities wear while in lockdown.

1. Cara Delevigne

Not only does she look super stylish in a crisp white tee and jeans, but she also has a heart of gold. She’s spending her time in lockdown fostering two adorable pups.

Cara Delevigne

Source: Instagram

2. Emily Ratajkowski

The Victoria’s Secret model with the impossible-to-pronounce surname looks quite at home – literally – in a white tee with cuffed sleeves and white sweatpants. 

Emily Ratajkowski

Source: Instagram

3. Cardi B

Rocking the face mask and a cute pink tee, Cardi B is doing her bit to #STAYATHOME. We just have one question: are those nails DIY?

Cardi B

Source: Instagram

4. Iggy Azalea

One of our own home-grown talents, Iggy is showing us that a little bit of quarantine isn’t interrupting her workout schedule. That, or she’s sitting on the couch in bike shorts and a grey tee, getting ready for another day of Netflix.

Iggy Azalea

Source: Instagram

5. Winnie Harlow

Winnie here is keeping it real by admitting that it “took everything in me to do my hair and get dressed with nowhere to go.” It really do be like that sometimes. Her neon tee is giving us Miami vibes – we’re thinking that might be our first destination once the lockdown lifts.

Winnie Harlow

Source: Instagram

6. Martha K

Sydney’s equivalent to Kimmy K, Martha looks every bit glam at home as she does when she’s out and about. We think we can all take a cue from her Selfcare Sundays and pamper ourselves.

Martha K

Source: Instagram

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

It doesn’t get more meta than this: the Big Man himself wearing a tee… of himself. We love seeing Arnie’s softer side as he feeds his tiny pet horses, Whiskey and Lulu.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Source: Instagram

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