Desk Edition

Here it is! The making of my desk. This edition will cover the process of custom desk making, whilst also touching on creative spaces, and the importance of space in relation to artistic work flow through practice. 


It all began with a rough design sketch, which then evolved into a functional desk that is not only sleek but completely one of a kind. I have always dreamt of having my own studio space. In attempts to gradually piece together my ideal space, I have begun with the most integral element- the custom desk. This desk gives me the space necessary to produce hand rendered pieces, whilst simultaneously work on digital graphics.

After umming and ahhing over my desk design sketches, I finally settled on a more organic design that acted as both an ergonomic and practical piece. The desk design takes size as paramount, sporting a 3 metre by 0.8 m table top- giving me plenty of space to work on various mediums in the exact same place. This has always been a dream of mine, to have a desk that caters to all of my mediums and practices, and all I needed was a little more space- and Voilà! 

Space for anybody is truly important and impactful. Having a space that embodies my hobbies and work enables me to progress in a direction where I feel fulfilled as an artist and as a business person. Ensuring a space is inviting and welcoming is the goal for many artists and designers- having the ideal studio is something many strive for. This desk is the first element in the series of editions, that explore the ongoing quest in producing a living x studio hybrid. Keep your eyes on this space, there will be more to come.