An Introduction By Annabel Scanlen

Hi! My name is Annabel Scanlen. I am a Sydney-based artist, in my final year of a Fine Arts degree at UNSW, and the designer behind By Bel. I’d love to share with you a little about myself, my creative process and the birth of By Bel.

I have always dreamt of someday having a brand or label that could combine my love for fashion and art, making it accessible for all. After some experimentation, the unique t-shirt design proved to be a perfect canvas for me and so with that, By Bel. was born.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to draw. To this day drawing is the place where all my projects begin, and it is the means through which they progress.  My current work takes on varied themes from cute and intricate line-work, to hyper realistic architectural pieces – even some nude art. These days I also work in a number of other mediums including printmaking, collage, textiles and photography.

The creative process behind my designs begins in my room, at my desk. Differing trends and my ever-changing interests heavily influence the subject matter of each drawing. This can be seen through the varied techniques that I have used through my works over time.

 Annabel Scanlen artwork

Recently I’ve been finishing up my final major stream subjects at university and I thought it might be interesting to share with you one of the projects I recently completed.  Here are some images of my textile piece ‘Object Studies’.

"Object Studies" Initial sketch

This project combined three of my favourite mediums: hand illustration, textiles and photography. The idea of this piece centres around how humans interact with objects in space. 


"Object Studies" Collaged & cropped


This wasn’t an easy project.  There were a few false starts and periods of feeling stuck creatively.  When this happened, I found that going back to my pencils and paper gave me the clarity I needed to explore a deeper visual language and build upon the concept.

The final work is comprised of seven illustrations of abstract, shapely objects resembling smooth stones.  Light, dark and shade was used to create a sense of depth and dimension. These works were collaged and digitally printed onto A4 canvas pieces which were then sewn together in a patchwork design.  The resulting canvas was fashioned into the abstract two-piece sculptural garment that you see in the photographic series. 

"Object Studies" worn by Annabel"Object Studies" worn by Annabel"Object Studies" worn by Annabel"Object Studies" worn by Annabel

I look forward to sharing more of my artwork on here soon.

Until then…